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Opening: September 20, 4 PM - 8 PM

Show/Exhibition: September 20 - November 1, 2014

David Dike Fine Art presents a collection of paintings by the Abstract Expressionist painter, Ben L. Culwell (Am. 1918-1992) from the artist’s estate. Culwell’s career was launched to the national level when he was included in the MoMA’s 1946 exhibition of Fourteen Americans aside Arshile Gorky, Robert Motherwell and Mark Toby; which shortly followed his one man exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Art in 1945.

Culwell studied art at SMU and Columbia University in the 1930’s. Culwell’s interactions and assimilations made in New York from his exposure to artists like Valcal Vytlacil (1892-1984) visiting shows at Armory Show and the Squibb Galleries inspired him to paint and draw with eagerness.

Culwell painted while serving in WWII, including his time at Pearl Harbor and in the Pacific. After the war and after the attention he received from his national exposure from his exhibitions, Culwell continued to work as a businessman in Dallas, but painted his entire life. His paintings are intense, he rotated his paintings as he worked on them. Many can be hung in any direction and are signed in all four corners. He uses several different mediums in his paintings including oil, lacquer, epoxy and even metal objects or broken glass all built up on his sturdy Masonite manufactured ground making them almost sculptural. The paintings are layered, complex, chunky, intense and bright.

This is a rare opportunity to experience paintings from his estate that have never before been available. Please join us for the opening on Saturday, September 20 from 4 PM - 8 PM


*Information above drawn from: Midcentury Modern Art in Texas, by: Katie Robinson Edwards; © 2014 University of Texas Press To purchase Edwards' book click Here

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