Birdston Valley Revival, by: Jon Flaming | March 7 - April 4, 2013

In March of 2013 David Dike Fine Art presented Birdston Valley Revival, by Jon Flaming. The show featured a new series of paintings covering the histories of a former slave community in Navarro County called Birdston Valley. Flaming discovered the location over 10 years ago, but it was not until the Summer of 2012 the community's past came to life.

Please visit Jon Flaming's page on this website to see Flaming' outstanding series of paintings as he recreates Valley's history on canvas. Jon's new friends, the descendants of those ex-slaves shared these stories with him. Jon has created this moving body of work through his folk art style. Imagery includes scenes of their cotton farming lifestyle, old Texas architectural landscapes, portraiture and some of his constructed three dimensional work.

Opening date: Thursday, March 7 from 5:00 - 8:00 PM at David Dike Fine Art.

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