Jon Flaming

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JON FLAMING | OIL ON CANVAS, Paintings of the Texas Oil & Gas Industry

Jon Flaming has created a new body of work; paintings depicting the hard, hands-on work of the current oil and gas boom in Texas. This recent oil boom has certainly sparked a renewed excitement in the oil industry. The people, machinery and equipment Jon selects as his subject matter, as well as locations depict the current events and issues the oil field workers and land men are experiencing today. The paintings are executed a modern-folk-art style that is signature to Jon Flaming’s work.

Some of figures and imagery in these paintings could be that of the industry 50 plus years ago. However, when the viewer takes a closer look at the details and signs Flaming choses to include, they tell us these paintings are a snapshot of the current boom. Signs could be the frack water wells, the modern pipelines, or the exorbitant cost of a night’s stay at a west Texas motel.

Jon’s signature modern-folk-art style is manifested in these paintings. Flaming’s confident use of bold lines, unexpected swashes of color, and generous use of flat geometric and abstracted shape reflect Jon’s stylistic evolution. This new collection of paintings depicting the booming oil industry is not to be missed. The paintings are a refreshing take on an industry that requires hard and dirty work, and what has many people working in a fast and frenzied craze to get a piece of the action.

- Anne Kelly

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More images to come with the opening of the show on November 13, 2014... stay tuned.

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